Tiger Cage shows support for Lindbergh family

On Oct. 16, OHS’s Tiger Cage had a blackout theme planned for the football game against Lindbergh. However, one particular student gave the tiger cage leaders an idea they could not pass up.

Rachel Creahan (12), Oakville cheerleader, heard people talking about a student at Lindbergh whose mother had passed away due to cancer earlier that week. She also found out that Lindbergh’s student section was dressing all in white to honor this student’s mother. Hearing this, she decided to request to change the theme.

“I asked to change it to match Lindbergh to help support since cancer is nothing to mess with and it’s definitely worth the support and they were super cool about it and changed it,” Creahan says.

Jillian Bommarito, student at Lindbergh High School, says their student council and “Green Machine”, their student cheer section, thought of the idea and explained the story behind the theme.

“We wore white because Anna’s mother had lung cancer and that’s the color for lung cancer,” said Bommarito. “She was a teacher in the district… we did it to show our support.”

Collin Breeding, another Lindbergh student, said, “It was really cool to see your school support and participate. It wasn’t like a few of your students did. Almost all did which is generous.”