Social Studies teacher runs Florida 10K

Ebert travels to Fort Walton Beach

Not only does Social Studies teacher, Mr. Ebert, coach tennis at OHS, but he is also an avid runner outside of school. This weekend, he took this skill across the country.

Over the weekend, he participated in the 19th Annual McGuire’s Halloween Run in Florida. Ebert ran the 10k race along Fort Walton Beach. Out of the 203 runners that participated in this race, Ebert finished in 21st, which was second place in his age group of age 50-54 males. His finish time was 45 minutes with a pace of 7:17 per mile. This was his first year to do the McGuire’s Halloween Run, but he plans on doing it again next year.

Ebert trains year-round and runs five days a week, totaling with 25-30 miles. He tries to do one “longer run” each week so he is able to be prepared for his runs.

For his next run, Ebert plans to do the 15k Hot Chocolate Run in December, which is about 9 miles.