OHS sings praises for fall choir concert

The choir program had their annual fall concert on Oct. 27. This concert included performances from all choirs in the program and the popular all-male musical group, 2Legit.

“We did pretty good overall. There were no big shakes and met all of our goals,” CCM choir student Corey Chase (10) says.

Each of the choirs prepared a few songs to perform for the crowd.

“My favorite song I performed was “Song Of Ruth” because it was a higher skilled song and Chorale performed it last year so it was cool that WCC did it this year”, Lindsay Inman(11) says.

This concert featured more soloists than usual. Keith Smith, Iyanna Robinson, Paige Bess, Caylee Teague, Jenikka Bridges, Alec Boeschen, and Billy Brennan. With so many talented soloists in one concert, it takes a lot to standout.

“My favorite soloist was probably Keith Smith in CCM’s song, “Tshotsholoza”, because I never knew he could sing and all of a sudden he just busted out singing!” CCM student, Amy Kaznica (12) exclaims.

With this concert now over, the choir program will now be focused on All-Suburban Competition and six students auditioning for the All State Competition.

Congratulations to Alec Boeschen, Alec Lininger, Shannon McFarland, Noah Thompson, Bryan Kuchno and  Ronni Jones for their eligibility to audition for the Missouri All State Choir Competition.