OHS recognizes cancer week

Student Kelli Jungewaelter comes up with idea to encourage those afflicted

The week of Nov. 16 – 20 is Cancer Week at OHS. Kelli Jungewaelter (12), along with the help of Mrs. Amy Learn and the rest of the leadership class, has planned a week dedicated to cancer awareness.

Each day will be themed with a different color, representing different types of cancer. For example, on Monday students will wear yellow for bladder/kidney cancer, and Tuesday will be pink for breast cancer. Wednesday is blue for prostate cancer, stomach, cervical, thyroid, colon, esophageal, ovarian, and liver cancer. Thursday is other colors including gray for brain cancer, white for lung cancer, black for melanoma, peach for uterine cancer, burgundy for multiple myeloma, white and burgundy for head and neck cancer, and gold for childhood cancer. Also Friday will be purple/lavender for pancreatic cancer, leiomyosarcoma, and testicular cancer.

During lunches, the leadership class will be selling t-shirts for 13 dollars that say “Cancer Awareness” on them to help the cause. They will be selling teal “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE” bracelets to fund and handing out lavender bracelets to those who are fighting cancer or close to someone who is. Donations will be accepted all next week to go toward cancer research. Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

“I thought it would be good because a lot of people have been affected by cancer,” said Kelli Jungewaelter. “And why not come together as a family and spread awareness?”

The leadership class and Oakville as a whole hope to collect money and spread awareness for a good cause.