WorldQuest on a mission

Four OHS students, Carolyn Ream (11), Sean Lamar (11), Aaron Mohabbat (11), and Hiba Al-Ramahi (11), showed off their knowledge at the 2015 WorldQuest competition on Nov 5.

In the competition, which consists of 7 different categories containing information pertaining to history from around the world, such as the Arctic Circle and organization of American states, Oakville’s team placed 3rd out of 23 schools. For their achievement, the students were awarded a cash prize of $250 and a plaque. Although Oakville has participated in this contest before, it was this particular team’s first time entering.

One member, Carolyn Ream, was impressed by her the team’s ability to come together after little preparation. “It was cool because most teams were practicing all the time together,” Ream said, “We only had one meeting.”

At this meeting, they were given articles to study. The team believes that if they had put more time into the preparation process, they may have been able to take first.

Ream said, “With a little more studying, next year we can definitely be competitive.”

Even with just a single practice they managed to come together and perform very well.

“We were only one point off from first place,” member Aaron Mohabbat said, “So that was a bummer.”

Oakville’s WorldQuest team plans to keep up the good work and return next year ready to take on the competition.

The team has high hopes for next year and feels confident in their ability to take the lead in the 2016 WorldQuest.