OHS students make all-state choir

Several OHS students have been accepted into the Missouri All-State Choir.

Earlier this year, 22 OHS students made the all-suburban choir, and 13 of those students were selected to audition at the state level. Alec Boeschen, Shannon McFarland, Noah Thompson, and Ronni Jones were the four who made the cut.

“It’s pretty competitive considering how many people try out,” McFarland said. “Only four in the St. Louis Suburban area make it per voice part.”

The first rehearsal took place on Nov 14, a week after the audition. Students said that the seven-hour practice was more difficult than an all-suburban rehearsal.

“There’s such a higher expectation of what you come in knowing,” McFarland said.

Still, students say getting accepted into the prestigious group was worth the effort.

“When you’re in all-state, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone,” McFarland said. “You know everybody has that in common, that we all love music… it was fun!”

After several more rehearsals, the group will perform at the state music festival in January.