Library helpers celebrate the holidays

The library is getting in spirit by decorating for the holidays.

Two students regularly help the library staff as part of the school’s Supervised Office Experience program. During some downtime, Cassidy Anderson and Vi-Vi Phan decided to create Christmas trees out of books.

“I went on Pinterest and I found a cute design, so then I made a tree out of books,” Anderson said.

The two trees were each made out of books grouped together by color. One tree was red, and the other was green. Both stood on the front desk of the library.

“I did the red Christmas tree and Cassidy… did the green Christmas tree,” Phan said.

All of the books came from the library’s huge selection. The helpers had to search the shelves for book covers that matched.

“We actually had to go around the library and I had to pick green and red books,” Anderson said.

Students do not receive credit for taking SOE, but they do get experience working in an office environment. Anderson and Phan help the librarians with basic duties like shelving and helping students find what they are looking for.

“I sometimes help people check out, and I give references for books for when people come in,” Phan said.

Students are encouraged to stop by the library and see the decorations before the semester ends.