13 students receive top rating at state solo & ensemble festival

Earlier this year, 35 band students from OHS qualified to attend all-state solo and ensemble. On Saturday, they went to Mizzou to compete.

During the solo and small ensemble contest, a student or group performs a song in front of a single judge, who grades them on a scale of 1 to 5 and provides feedback. Students who receive the top rating at the district level advance to the state level.

Five solos and two ensembles from OHS received an “Exemplary” rating of 1 at the state level. Additionally, four solos and four ensembles received an “Outstanding” rating of 2.

“Last year I got a 2 at state, so it felt like I had something to improve this year,” Sara Ravens (12) said. This year, Ravens received an Exemplary rating for her saxophone solo.

Below are the full results:

  • Exemplary Rating (1)
    • Ally Ashbrook – Flute Solo
    • Luke Carroll – Snare Solo
    • Curtis Halbrook – Marimba Solo
    • Amber Hupperts – Flute Solo
    • Sara Ravens – Alto Sax Solo
    • Conrad Bucholtz, Mallorie Hodges, Lauren Zygmont, Jacob McSwiney, Nathan Doty – Brass Quintet
    • R.J. Martin, Victoria Ratcliff, Devin Jost – Trombone Trio
  • Outstanding Rating (2)
    • Karissa May – Clarinet Solo
    • Emma O’Donnell – French Horn Solo
    • Lukas Shelp – Bass Clarinet Solo
    • Taylor Zapf – Flute Solo
    • Matthew Chenot, Jacob Steding, Elise Elking, Lukas Shelp – Clarinet Quartet
    • Karissa May, Heather Ludwig, Travice Tice – Saxophone Trio
    • Ashley Jackubek, Sarah Zygmont, Katie McElroy – Flute Trio
    • Amber Hupperts, Taylor Zapf, Kris Wu – Flute Trio
  • Satisfactory Rating (3)
    • Nicole Neher – Clarinet Solo