Band scores highly at Lindbergh competition

The OHS Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony both attended the band competition on Tuesday, March 1 at Lindbergh High School expecting just another normal performance. Their high rankings in every category, however, came as a surprise.

There were schools from all around the St. Louis area performing at Lindbergh on Tuesday. After all had performed, Oakville was ranked among the highest by the panel of judges. Symphonic band was ranked a 2, on a scale of 1-5, with one being the best. Wind symphony ranked a 1 on this scale, scoring them the highest ranking possible.

Wind symphony member Abby Menkhus (12) reports that the bands have been practicing their music since November. They also had a run-through on Monday night and have been practicing sight-reading in class. It was just the typical preparation that normally goes on before a competition.

Symphonic band played their piece at the competition. Then wind symphony performed two songs, “Chorale and Shaker Dance” and a medley of songs from “Green Bushes.”

“We got a 2, which is almost the highest score you can get,” percussion player Matt Kujath (12) said.

Band performs next this coming weekend, March 12 and 13 with solo and ensemble.