Choir sends 14 students to state solo and ensemble

Choir’s hard work in the solo and ensemble event this past weekend resulted in multiple exemplary and outstanding rankings and sent fourteen students to state.

The event took place on Saturday, March 5 at Parkway Central with a total of 34 groups. Choir members from girls’ choir, men’s choir, women’s chamber choir, and mixed choir (MDQ) attended. The students had a choice to either present a solo or perform in groups no larger than eight, hoping to score an honor rating of 1 (exemplary) or 2 (outstanding).

“I performed in a solo and it went very well,” Emily Ratcliff (12) said. Ratcliff scored a 2 from the judge that afternoon, which is the second highest score.

Each student and group were given a specific time to perform their ensemble and were to sing in a room in front of one judge. Family and other Oakville choir members were welcome to watch.

“I was in a men’s ensemble group and an MDQ group, so I had one at 2 p.m and another at 4 p.m,” Noah Thompson (11) said. “I loved it, especially since both of my groups got ones which is the highest you can get.”

The students moving on to state include Shannon McFarland (12), Alec Lininger (11), Ronni Jones (9), Noah Thompson (11), Kaitlin Kullman (11), Alec Boeschen (12), Tori Jones (9), RJ Martin (11), Audrey Chopin (10), Emily Miller (11), Kristy Going (12), Lea Wheeler (12), Lindsey Eplin (12), and Bryan Kuchno (11).

The students who received scores of 1 in their solo or group will perform at state on April 8 at Missouri Baptist.