Red Ribbon week

“There is a minion reasons to be drug free!”

This was one of the many slogans Trend used to promote their annual Red Ribbon Week held recently (Oct. 24-28).

Trend has been sponsoring Red Ribbon Week for over 20 years now in order to raise awareness about the negative effects of drug and alcohol use. In order to promote the event, Trend planned a spirit week with each day representing a slogan.

Monday was wear a onesie day (“It only takes once”), Tuesday was dress as a minion (“There is a minion reasons to be drug free”), Wednesday was wear blue and white (“Water is the Way”), Thursday was red shirt day (“Avoid a tragic death, stay away from crystal meth”), and to end the week, Friday was wear a red hat day (“Don’t get twisted in drugs”). There was also a banner for students to sign throughout the week stating that they wish to be drug free.

Trend member Maddy Saake (12), says, “This year, everything was planned last minute because we had not had a meeting in a while, but I think it turned out pretty well compared to other years!”

Good job to Trend for hosting another awesome Red Ribbon Week!