Oakville succeeds with solo and ensemble


Oakville band and choir students really hit the high notes at district solo and ensemble recently.

District solo and ensemble was held at Parkway Central High School on March 4.

Choir took 38 events and over 80 songs to district solo and ensemble. Of those entries, 28 of choir’s events received an exemplary rating one.

“Being able to perform and know that all my work that I did really paid off,” Morgan Allen (10) said. “My performances, both my ensembles and my solo, getting a one. When I work really hard and it really paid off.” This is the first year Allen will be going to state.

Band was able to take 37 events to district solo and ensemble, 17 will be moving on to state competition with an exemplary one rating.

“Performing was a lot of fun because we got to show off what we were able to do and then my group got a one, so we were very proud of our accomplishments,” Sarah Zygmont (10) said.

State is held April 29 on Mizzou’s campus. Similar to district solo and ensemble, both vocal and instrumental performers will compete.

Ratings for solo and ensemble range from one to five. Receiving a one is the highest rating and results in the event moving on and performing at state. Many students who participated in several events will be taking more than one event to state this year.

Both band and choir students have been preparing for this event since the start of the semester. Vocal performances perform with two songs per event while instruments will only perform one.