Tennis court renovations cause a racket


Rachel Delgado

The Oakville tennis team’s home courts, located at Bernard Middle School, under construction and half painted right before the girl’s senior night matches.

Despite renovations to the tennis courts in the middle of their season, the Oakville tennis team looks on the bright side of the inconvenience.

Oakville’s home courts are located at Bernard Middle school and were in need of repair, due to the large cracks in the ground, however the team was not expecting the repairs to come in the middle of their season. While the construction only lasted a week, it allowed only the top 10 girls the ability to practice leaving the bottom 40 without practice.

“We couldn’t practice at our home courts,” said Shelby Hicks (12).

As a senior, Hicks wished she could be able to spend more time on her home courts. Since the majority of the team couldn’t practice during the week, the team couldn’t play to their full potential on Monday when the renovation was completed. Most of the team only had one practice before their next match.

Players like Piper Talley (10) think: “It could’ve happened in the summer when we weren’t practicing tennis.”

Even though the repairs took up a week out of the season, the team kept a good attitude about it. The cracks are now repaired and a portion is repainted

Emma Hitt (9) said, “They’re much better now they’re fixed.”

The renovations fixed a lot of the court including the cracks, but the construction workers were only able to paint half of the court. Hitt said the painters will have to come back and repaint it. Players hope that next time construction will be completed before the season.