New teacher sculpts new perspective

A new art teacher, excited to be at Oakville, brings interesting, new art pieces and projects with her to the OHS Art Department.

Ms. Alexandra Heyl is teacher who originally taught in Cuba, MO for four years, though originally lived Webster Groves. Ms. Heyl studied at at University of Central Missouri and is currently working on her master’s at Johns Hopkins university for museum studies. While Heyl usually focuses on painting and water colors, this year she tried something Oakville hasn’t seen before.

Tape sculptures are projects that Ms.Heyl has taught before, however these life sized, light filled, clear bodied figures are completely new to Oakville and bring a new aesthetic to the school’s library.

“I learned how to do that (the tape sculptures) through National Arts Education Association and I had a teacher that I student taught under who did the tape sculptures at Kirkwood high school,” Heyl said.

Brian Nguyen (11) said, “we used clear tape to wrap around body parts and after that we cut it and tape it together and tape all the body parts together.”

After doing this, each group decorated their sculpture. Nguyen’s sculpture was inspired by the holidays. Nguyen and his group decorated with holiday lights. Other groups received inspiration from stars, tutus and even the Corpses Bride.

Since joining Oakville’s team Heyl has enjoyed being back in her home town of St. Louis and said, “I love it here, It’s nice to be back in St. Louis it’s nice to be home.”