Band and choir state solo ensemble

Oakville’s band and choir students performed well in the state solo ensemble contest on April 29 at The University of Missouri. In the contest, students were able to compete as a soloist or in a small group with up to eight people and competed against other top rated students in the area.

After a lot of hard work and practice, both band and choir received raving reviews at the contest. After taking 45 students to the contest, Oakville choir received 22 ones and Oakville’s band received eight ones.

“We played really well and I feel like that’s the real goal,” band member Emma O’Donnell (12) said.

The performances are rated on a scale of one to five, one being the highest.

“At the district competition if you receive a one then you go to state, and if you get a one at state, which is really hard to do, it’s a really great achievement,” choir student Tori Jones (10) said.

The journey taught students a few valuable lessons.

“I’ve learned that you can always get better. You think that you’re born with a certain ability, but you can always get better” choir student Jacob Paule (12) said.

Congratulations to all band and choir students for these amazing accomplishments this year!