Mr. OHS is my superhero

The leadership classes host the annual Mr. OHS show on April 28. The guys compete in talent and interview portions to see who will be the next Mr.OHS.

The leadership class plans the whole event. The theme this year was superheroes. One guy from each club or organization that wanted to participate was chosen. Each guy performs their talents and then 10 guys were chosen to move onto the next round.

“My favorite part of Mr. OHS was when I flipped the water bottle and landed it,” Hunter Roth (12) said.

After a series of questions, five were eliminated. Then a second set of questions were asked and the judges chose one guy to be Mr.OHS; Ben Redman (12) won Mr.OHS. Also, Mr. Popularity was also awarded to the guy who received the most votes from the crowd during the night; Jake Reed (12) won. Hunter Roth won Mr. Superhero after collecting the most money during lunches at school for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization for cancer research. A total of 2,280 dollars was raised by the end of the event.

After winning Mr.OHS, Redman said, “I felt shocked, yet excited.”