Small team, big bond


Sierra Hunter

Nico Cracchiolo (12) practices swimming butterfly after a swim meet.

A total of nine swimmers make up the Oakville boys swim team, almost half the amount of swimmers from the previous year.

The small team has allowed the swimmers to become close. The team does a lot of team bonding. The swimmers have previously gone to Buffalo Wild Wings together and organized a pasta party.

Trent Manning (10) said, “We are all good friends.”

The small team has helped each individual swimmer get better. Members are improving their times because they are able to get more one on one time with their head coach Dan Schoenfeldt and assistant coach Susan Caton. The downside to the the lack of swimmers is that their team does not have enough swimmers to earn the points necessary to win meets.

The strongest swimmers on the team are Austin Fortuny (12), Christian Boll (10), and Keith Smith (12) because they all have greatly improved their times from the previous year. Smith stands out because he is only one second away from qualifying for state in the 50 freestyle.

Schoenfeldt said that the small amount of swimmers on the team does not stop them from being competitive. In addition, Keith Smith said that even though the team has not won a lot, each individual swimmer is keeping a positive attitude while improving personal bests.