Joe Beardsley: Athlete of the week

Joe Beardsley (9) plays on the Oakville varsity boys basketball team, being one of the two freshmen on the team.

Beardsley has been playing basketball since first grade. He loves the fun of the game and hopes to continue playing basketball this spring during the off season. Beardsley has had a good start to the season, scoring 30 points so far.

Teammate Noah Baker (12) said, “He’s really good in the post, and is a lot bigger and knows what he is doing.”

Being one of the youngest on the team, Beardsley does not let that hold him back. He enjoys working with and getting help from the upperclassmen.

Coach Traxler says that Beardsley has impressive skills, especially for being a freshman. Traxler said he is coordinated and has good balance when getting bounced around; he is very competitive and doesn’t fear the guys three years older than him. He does not let the pressure of the game get to him and is very smart.

“He understands quickly what needs to be done and works hard at accomplishing it,” Traxler said.