Athlete of the week: Carissa Wideman

Athlete of the week: Carissa Wideman

Despite serious injury, snapping hip syndrome, Carissa Wideman (12) did not let it stop her from being a part of her team or let it take away her passionate love for dancing.

Wideman’s snapping hip syndrome began in seventh grade, where she was told that if she continued to dance she wouldn’t be able to walk by the age of 30.

“When I found out I could no longer dance it was the end of my world,” Wideman said. “I have been dancing since I was two years old so it is very sad to know that my last performance ever was last October (2015). It still hurts me to this day to realize I will never be able to dance, run, or even jump again.”

Despite her serious injury, Wideman is still very much a part of the Golden Girls squad because she acts as the team manager.

“I go to every practice, every game, and every competition… Even though I cannot dance, I am just another team member. I try to help out as much as I can,” Wideman said.

Wideman has been there for the Golden Girls as much as possible, and it has left a positive impact on her team.

“She has the greatest spirit… She brings the most energy to the team,” Emma Miller (11) said.

As hard as it was giving up her passion for dance, Wideman still tries to be a helpful and encouraging team member.

“It is hard giving something up that I love and have been doing for so long but I know it is what I had to do,” Wideman said. “They have always been here for me when I needed it and I will always be there for them to help them as much as I can.”