Samantha He (9) participates in Diverse-City Art competition

Several art students from grades Kindergarten to 12th grade submitted their artwork to the Diverse-City Art Competition. Samantha He (9) a freshman at Oakville High School entered her artwork to the Diverse-City Art Competition. The art competition gave the students the opportunity to present their artwork for other people to understand the diversity around St. Louis. The art competitors used their own creativity in their artwork to express the way they view diversity in St.Louis. It can interpreted into different aspects like culture, race, or sexuality.

“My artwork was about race. It was also about sexuality and different social class, ” He said.

A panel of judges evaluated He’s art piece called Slight of Hands. The artist’ name and schools were kept personal until judging was done, to make sure that the judging was fair.

“I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to win, because I thought it didn’t look good,” He said.

Samatha He found out that she placed 3rd in the Diverse- City Art Competition on May 10th. Her artwork will be sold at a silent auction in the fall, and the money will go to diversity awareness program.

“I was really surprised because I like to do my artwork in depth view, usually what the winner pictures looks like. Just to get a better view of my chances to winning. I looked at my artwork and compared it to theirs and it wasn’t up to par with the other pieces,” He said.