Artistic talent rings A-Bell


Aaron Bell poses with his digital art.

From digital drawings to creating video games, Aaron Bell (12) has an exceptional talent for the electronic arts.

Bell started drawing in October of his sophomore year. He began by taking pictures from the internet and copying them, until he became good enough to make his own. “I always liked drawing,” said Bell. “My revelation was that, what if I could draw fanart of things that I like?”

Bell now specializes in digital art, making detailed pieces using a drawing tablet and Photoshop on his computer. Fanart, concept art, and environments are his favorite subjects. One of his drawings in particular took him 10.5 hours over the course of two days to complete. His creations can be found on his Youtube channel, called Aaron Bell, where he uploads speedpaints and instructional videos on how to use photoshop.

Not only does Bell make astounding still pieces, he is currently developing his own videogame. His friend, Sheldon Salins (12), is working on the soundtrack. It is four months in production, with a fully animated main character.

“It’s basically an open world. The main character is made of fire and interacts with the environment in different ways because he is on fire,” Bell said.

Bell wishes to attend Missouri State with the electronic arts program. He plans to study electronic arts, video production, and animation.