Six band students make All-Suburban


Tiger Paw Yearbook

One of six band members to make All-Suburban band, Conrad Bucholtz (12) practices his instrument in the band hallway.

After completing a riveting marching season, several OHS band members still exceeded their limits by auditioning for the Missouri All-Suburban Honor Band on Monday, Nov. 6.

The Missouri All-Suburban Honor Band is a musical ensemble made up of the best musicians in the area. It was a long day for over 425 students from 27 different schools who auditioned, and in the end, six OHS band members made the band. Colin Akers (10), Conrad Bucholtz (12) Curtis Halbrook (12), Karissa May (12), Nicole Neher (12), and Lauren Zygmont (12) all were accepted into the prestigious ensemble.

“It feels awesome,” said Halbrook. “It was in the midst of a very hard season for marching band, but I was still happy to go. Even though my audition wasn’t the greatest, I was still happy to make it.”

Achieving acceptance into the All-Suburban Band takes months of preparation. This means private lessons, spending time after school, and practicing daily for many students.

“My preparation process included a lot of private lessons with my percussion instructor Mr. Pieper, staying after school a lot, and just getting in as much work as I can,” said Halbrook. Halbrook also practiced on all of the school percussion instruments, because he knew that is what he would be playing at the audition.

Akers, who made first chair french horn in the All-Suburban Band, also prepared heavily. “I tried to practice every day that homework didn’t consume me. At least an hour a day.”

Obviously their hard work paid off. The members of the All-Suburban Band are now preparing for their audition for the Missouri All-State band on Dec. 2 in Columbia, MO.

Good luck to all who are auditioning.