New Librarian, Familiar Face

Betz takes over as new head librarian

Jessica Betz has been an English teacher at OHS for 10 years but has always wanted to be a librarian, so when the position opened up last school year, she jumped toward the opportunity and got the job. 

“The transition was something I enjoyed,” Betz said. “I have been looking forward to it for a few years now. I started taking classes back in 2018, so it has been kind of a long time coming.”

Betz knew that she was going to be the librarian last semester before the school year ended. This meant that there were many challenges that went with balancing teaching while also preparing the library and preparing herself for this new chapter in her career. 

“Anytime you change something, you have to communicate and educate people on how that’s going to happen, so that was somewhat challenging. But we have had freshman orientation, have made WeVideos for ANP and I am trying to be more active on social media and I think that it is going pretty well,” Betz said. “I wouldn’t view these things as challenges, but new changes.”

Betz knew when accepting the position that her number one priority would be to reorganize the space to meet the needs of the building better. With this in mind, Betz made many noticeable changes, like rearranging the bookshelves and adding more usable space as well as new furniture for students to use. 

“We were definitely going for a more welcoming and inviting vibe, like a coffeehouse feel. I am trying to make it ‘the place’ to go when you need something,” Betz said. 

Although there have been a few adjustments that have been difficult, Betz has really enjoyed this new change so far. 

“I have a strength in organization and like to problem solve. I have worked in and around Oakville long enough to know staff and students well,” Betz said. “I feel these two things are really helping me in my new position as librarian.”