Lending A Helping Hand—Or Ladle

Soup Kitchen Club helps out those in need in community


photo submitted by Marybeth Dunn

This image shows Soup Kitchen Club’s collections from the Birthday Cake Kit Supply Drive.

Soup Kitchen Club started this year with new projects and open positions.

Sponsor Marybeth Dunn put this club together last year with the goal of helping out soup kitchens and those who rely on them.

“Soup kitchens were hurting to get people to work for free,” Dunn said.

To meet this goal, the club meets two to three times a month to cook up easy meals for those in need. The food gets dropped off at multiple organizations including the St. Patrick Center and Our Lady’s Inn. The club also takes in specific people or families in need to provide with food. 

“This year we adopted a family that has six foster kids,” Dunn said.

Through teamwork in the kitchen, the club cooks up multiple meals for the single mother to pick up. Along with this project, the Soup Kitchen Club collected items for the Birthday Cake Kit Supply Drive, providing an alternate cake recipe, as well as icing and candles. 

“We’ve got our first kit…” Dunn said. “It’s going to go to the family we adopted.”

Kasimovna Kadymova (9), a member of Soup Kitchen Club, cooks up some meatballs during a meeting. “Last year we did a lot of individual buffets,” OHS FACS teacher Marybeth Dunn said. After they finished preparing the food, Dunn drove the food over to charity organizations. (photo submitted by Marybeth Dunn)

The Soup Kitchen Club needs anybody who is interested in participating to get involved. Dunn said it is an easy way to help the community. 

“[The club needs] Anyone that wants to make a difference and help,” Dunn said, “even if they don’t cook.”

While cooking is a big part of the club, it isn’t the only aspect. There are planning meetings that focus on putting together their next menu alongside the meetings where the food is prepared. Members of the club aren’t required to go to every meeting, though. Dunn wants it to be a stress-free activity that students sign up for that will provide them with life skills and community service. 

“If they (new members) want to join our Google Classroom, they can shoot me an email…” Dunn said. “We’re welcome to everybody.”