Cats and Coffee

A new type of cafe is on the rise in St. Louis

Several small locally owned shops and restaurants have been popping up in St. Louis since the decline in COVID. Among these businesses, a new type of establishment has emerged: Cat Cafes. For those unfamiliar, Cat Cafes are exactly what they sound like. They often sell pastries, sandwiches, beverages and other food, and customers pay an hourly fee to spend time in a giant room full of cats. The rooms are lined with toys, cat towers and of course, many, many cats. Most cat cafes partner with local shelters and have cats available for adoption as well. If you’re looking to adopt, or if you just want to kick back with some cats, read more about some of St. Louis’ local cat cafes.



The Mauhaus cat cafe was founded in 2016 and was the first of its kind in all of Missouri. You could say that this establishment was the spark of the cat cafe trend in the city of St. Louis. Located in Maplewood, the location is a fair size, containing a pretty sizable cafe and a large room where the cats are located. The cafe menu consists of coffee and tea, as well as pastries and some sandwiches. The atmosphere in the cafe is upbeat and energetic, as it is a very popular location. If you find yourself in Maplewood, Mauhaus is an essential stop.


3101 Sutton Blvd

Maplewood, MO 63143

Wednesday – Sunday





The Cheshire Grin

Located on Cherokee Street, the Cheshire Grin cafe is neatly sat on a street corner downtown. Cheshire Grin is huge, featuring a fairly large cafe and two whole stories of cats. The second floor features a large glass panel that cats can sit on and look down at incoming guests. Sometimes the cafe will have kittens, which they allow guests to play with and even hold. The atmosphere in the cafe is quaint with jazzy cafe energy. It’s a fantastic addition to the Cherokee Street scene and is a great way to spend a day.


1926 Cherokee Street

Saint Louis, MO 63118


(314) 300-8119




Cat Zen

The Cat Zen Cafe, located on Main Street in St. Charles, is a very new addition to the popular shopping hotspot. Opening on Nov. 22, the location is small and doesn’t have a large menu. Though small, they are not lacking in the cat department. The cats have a separate room that they can come in and out of, so several cats are rotating in and out of the main room at all times. The cafe is, as the name suggests, extremely mellow. Walls are covered with adorable art, and there’s plenty of places to sit and relax. A long day of Main Street shopping is absolutely complete with a visit to Cat Zen Cafe.


319 N Main Street

Saint Charles, MO 63301


(636) 757-3330