Ask Carl

Hello friends!

Welcome to the third edition of Ask Carl. Where I, Carl, answer OHS students most burning questions. 

It’s spring. That means we are entering the final stretch of the school year. There’s been a turn in the mood around Oakville as warm weather returns and summer break draws closer and closer. Hang in there, everyone!

Now, let’s answer some questions!


Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

I am personally on team wheels. Wheels are everywhere and everything. Wheels can be big but also very tiny and there can be THOUSANDS of them in just one single machine. Also, I just really like things that are round. 












Who is your celebrity crush?

Lady Gaga is my baefy. Ever since I was a duckling, I’ve always thought she had the voice of an angel. I have attended several of her concerts over the years. I consider myself her #1 fan. Loved her appearance at the Oscars. Loved the meat dress.














Carl…What do you do if you get side-eyed by someone who’s kinda cute…

Well there’s two approaches I go for. Either you run away screaming or you stare back intensely. I’ve found that neither of these options particularly “work” but it helps you assert yourself and gain confidence. 

…. Okay I lied I’ve never been side-eyed in a positive way before. I have no idea what you should do. Good luck, though.














How old are you?

It feels like I’m an aging monster when in reality I am only 18. Maybe it’s because I’m so wise that I feel so old.











What’s your ideal Friday night?

I like to get together with some of my bestest friends and go bowling. Some people hate bowling and say it’s the worst sport ever, but they’re WRONG. Another thing that makes my Friday special is toasted ravioli. Man, I love ravioli.    













Do you stan BTS? 

For the LAST TIME. No. I don’t “stan” BTS. I don’t know what your infatuation is with those stupid big tree stumps, but I won’t tolerate these BTS questions anymore.












Do you have any weird food combos you like?

Grape soda and pizza. You dip the pizza crust IN the grape soda and it is delish. You asked and you can NOT judge me for it. It’s delicious and you need to try it. I tried it for the first time when I was about 7 and it is SO yum. They say not to feed ducks bread, but if you have any leftover pizza crusts, I’ll take them.













What’s your guilty pleasure song?

“Wish” by Stevie Wonder. I LOVE Stevie Wonder. It’s a really groovy song and I like listening to it while cruising down the highway. If you choose to do this, beware that the song is VERY powerful and may cause you to groove too hard and spin out of control. 








That wraps up the questions for today! Thank you all again for your questions, both those who submitted them online and those who took the time to write them and submit them outside Room 234. 

I will be answering your questions a FOURTH AND FINAL time in the May 2022 Print of The Prowl. Keep submitting your questions, and look out for me again soon!