Share the care, bring underwear

Share the care, bring underwear

Sock It To ‘Em: An OHS student drops socks and underwear into his A.N.P’s collection box. OHS is trying to beat Mehlville’s total number of undergarments collected, which will be announced at the football game Friday.

Leadership is at it again this year trying to collect the most donations of underwear and socks before the Oakville vs. Mehlville football game for the underwear wars.

Leadership hopes to beat Mehlville in all over collection and win back the trophy lost last year. New and unopened packages of underwear and socks are needed and will be given to the St. Patircks Homeless Center.

“I really like that it helps the homeless people of St. Louis,” said leadership student Tara Hagan.

Mrs. Angelia Moore and her leadership class collected a successful total of 2500 socks and undergarments last year but their goal this year is a mystery.

“I don’t want to give out our goal just yet,” Mrs. Moore said. “You will have to wait and see.”

A.N.P (academic networking period) classes are also being asked to bring in socks and undergarments to help leadership reach their untold goal. The winner of the underwear wars will be annouced Sept. 16 at the Oakville vs. Mehville football game during half time.