Newspaper Staff l(a)unches into excitment

Newspaper Staff l(a)unches into excitment

Myohsonline: was launched last year. On the website, you can read about all kinds of news around OHS.

OHS newspaper is going to pump up the jam in Our House on Friday, Oct. 14. On a quest to promote the school’s online publication,, the Prowl staff will be playing games and music in the commons during all three lunches.

“We wanted to present myohsonline in a fun, attention grabbing way and we decided lunch was our best bet,” Prowl editor-in-chief Emily Maag (12) said.

Fun, news related things such as a newspaper toss and a giveaway of pens that say “” are just some of the plans for the L(a)unch Party.

“Kellen Yoey may show up in a costume, too!” Entertainment editor Mikayla Putz (11) said. “That is how excited we are about myohsonline and we want to get everyone else just as excited.”

Although not everyone will be wearing a costume, all the students on the Prowl will be displaying a very neon and futuristic looking t-shirt. On the back of the shirt, there is a picture of a QR code that will send them straight to when students take a picure of it with their smart phone. On the front, “” is in bold  lettering.

“We really hope people get as excited as we are about the L(a)unch Party and that it is a great turnout,” Maag said.