OHS Students get birthdays recognized


Say Cheese!: Haley Boxdorfer (12) gets her picture taken for the birthday announcements on Oct. 14. Students report to the library at the 8:30 a.m. bell to the library for their pictures.

“Trying to make a big place smaller” is the goal counsler Stephen King is trying to accomplish with the new birthday activity he created for students of Oakville.

“As counslers we need students to be more comfortable  and be able to identify who the counslers are,” Mr. King said. “I thought that recongnzing students birthdays would be the best way for students to become more comfortable with counslers.”

Students birthdays are recongnized this year by having their picture taken and having the picture along with a happy birthday message shown on Tiger T.V.  A gift, such as a car decal is given to the student to celebrate their special day.  So far, Mr. King has seen the recongnition make a positive impact on sudents.

“It was pretty cool to see my picture and name on the T.V I felt really special,” Mykeshia Jones (9) said.

Mr. King hopes that students will get the idea that its not a bad thing to talk to their counslers once in a while.

“Us counslers are here to help,” Mr. King said. “I think all students should know that.”