OHS Students advance in All Suburban Competition

OHS Students advance in All Suburban Competition

Choir Madness: CCM sings at Fox on Oct. 11. The concert was to raise money to benefit the victims of the tornadoes in Joplin, MO.

OHS choir students had the opportunity for their voice to be heard on Saturday, Oct. 1 at the All Suburban Honor Choir Competition. With around 16 different school districts who competed, it is safe to say it was a tad scary for OHS students who took part in the competition.

“The days leading up to it, I was very nervous,” CCM and MADS student Makayla Brady (11) said. “Once I got there, I focused on my music and all the stress went away.”

The students who made Mixed Honor Choir were juniors Abby Williams, Kasey Smith, Courthey Grig, Makayla Brady, Megan Dillow, Mindy Schanzle, Brian Woods, and Alex Sato; and seniors

Elisabeth Keller, Rachel Chopin, Kelsey Woodcock, Christina Woods, Heidi Greenlee, Devin Clark, Caleb Owens, Scott Lewis, Brian Thorm, Kyle Borah, Matt Harvey, Bryce Benjamin, and Nathan Dieckhaus.

The students who made Womens Honor Choir were sophomores Hannah Martin, Erin O’ Neil, Jacki Stephens, Olivia Vaughn, junior Ashley Kluge, and senior Brittney Winter.

Two weeks before the actual competition, each student participating in All Suburban was required to practice twice a week at school with either choir teacher Mrs. Paula Martin, Mrs. Erin Falloon, or student teacher Ms. Chelsea Stockton. They were given a music book that they could pick a song from that best fit their voice.

On the day of the competition, students met at school at 7 a.m. and rode a bus to All Suburban. When they got there, each person got a number. After that, they sat in a room and waited for their number to be called.

“When you walk in the room, there are three judges that are facing the wall. They asked if you are ready and when you say yes, they started your music and that was when you auditioned,” Brady said.

The competition went well for Brady and many other OHS students who made All Suburban Mixed Honor Choir and Womens Honor Choir.