Welcome back

Welcome back

The varsity cheerleaders do a chant during the pep rally on the first day of school.

Everybody at OHS knows the date August 16. It’s the day that everyone dreads. Long summer nights, and sleeping in late come to a screeching halt. But to some people, the first day of school isn’t as bad as it seems.

“ The first day is always fun,” Anthony Herrera (12) said.

Even the teachers think the first day is not too bad.

“The students are ‘teacher pleasures’ the first day because they don’t know what to expect, ” Mrs. Christina Whelehon said.

The first day of school was a ‘C’ day. All students went to their ANP first, then went to each class. Although the classes were shortened, it felt like one of the longest days of the year. Principal Jan Kellerman wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“We want to start the school year off right by making the first day a little relaxing,” Kellerman said.