OHS wins the wars against Mehlville

OHS wins the wars against Mehlville

We Are the Champions: OHS leadership students hold up their banner after being announced as the winners.

OHS experienced two victories Friday night on Oct. 5. Not only did the varsity football team crush the Mehlville Panthers, but the school also won the Underwear Wars by over 7,000 donations.

The leadership classes of Mehlville and Oakville headed up the third annual Underwear Wars. The schools compete against each other to see who can bring in the most new socks and underwear for the St. Patrick’s Center. Oakville raised 8,000 donations last year and wanted to win again with even more donations. New tactics were used to see if they could bring in more.

Oakville leadership teacher Mrs. Angelia Moore said this year “we did a lot of community outreach to our feeder schools and local businesses.”

This community outreach helped Oakville raise 19,062 donations; the most Oakville has received in the three years of the event. Mehlville brought in 12,186 items to bring the total between the two schools this year to 31,248.

As the Oakville leadership class lined up along the field during halftime of Friday’s football game at Mehlville, energy was high with hope as Oakville brought home a second straight win in the Underwear Wars.

“We started on this the first day of school,” said leadership student Lizzy Vitale (12) after the winner was announced. “It feels amazing to have all of our work pay off.”

The leadership students ran to the visitor side of the field to celebrate with the Oakville fans, students, and principals after they were announced as the winners.

“I can’t put [this feeling] into words. I had goose bumps, and it wasn’t because I was cold,” OHS principal Mrs. Jan Kellerman said. “I am so proud of the kids, the building, and the community.”