OHS Walks to Find Cure for Diabetes

OHS Walks to Find Cure for Diabetes

Mehlville School District staff members walk to find a cure for type one diabetes. (left to right) Martha Wagner, Kathy Bauer, Maryanne Fisch, and Lynn Britt

OHS students had the opportunity to go out to the football field and walk around the track during Academic Networking Period on Oct. 24. However, this was not just for a breath of fresh air.

Students walked around the track for the Cure for Diabetes Walk, for the cost of only one dollar. This event was hosted by OHS’s own head nurse, Pam Frederich. All the proceeds went straight to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

This event turned out to be successful, according to Frederich, especially for the first time that this was held at OHS.

“I’m happy for the kids that turned up, if not anything, it brought awareness,” Frederich said.

Approximately 110 staff and students gave and walked for this event. They came in shifts, about 40 at a time, donated, walked, and socialized. The JDRF staff will be here Tuesday, Oct. 30 to pick up the proceeds. Anyone can still give until Monday, Oct. 29.

Many OHS students attended for various reasons. One OHS student had a very specific one.

“My mom has diabetes and if there was a cure for it, even a chance, I will do anything to help,” Kara Setari (10) said.

Overall, the turnout just prompted Frederich to work even harder for next year. She plans to make this an annual event, with hope that next time she will get more time to plan for this event. In the end, Frederich said it was worth it.

“I had a lot of kids tell me that they didn’t know what JDRF was, or even what diabetes was, or what it involved,”  Frederich said. “Honestly, it made it all real.”