Flip-flop drive has great sucess

Flip-flop drive has great sucess

The flip flop drive was a great success bringing in 113 pairs of flip flops.

This year’s Flip- Flop drive has come to a successful end.   The two students running the event, Gabbie Barwick (12) and Catalin Kennedy (12) were very impressed with the results.

“It was really surprising because our advertising for the drive was very short noticed.” Kennedy said.

Barwick and Kennedy collected 113 pair of flip flops for the Gateway 180 Homeless shelter downtown.  They also raised 120 dollars in cash that are being used to buy diapers and baby wipes for the kids.

When asked how they got so many donations, their sponsor, Christina Wheelhon, has something to say.

“Instead of waiting for people to come to them with donations, they went around every ANP (Academic Networking Period) asking the students if they had donations.” Wheelhon said.  “It was impressive to see the girls giving up their time for others.”

But the two girls work is not finished yet.  On May 2 and 3, the girls will be partaking in the senior wide community service day.

They will be taking their donations on behalf of OHS to the shelter.  They hope that this has impacted all other students to show how easy it can be to give back.