Choral sings to senior citizens

Choral sings to senior citizens

Kevin Darnold (11) sings for senior residents at Friendship Village on May 2.

On May 2, the OHS choral program took part in OHS’s first ever service learning.

The choral program decided to use their talents that they use everyday in class and bring them out to brighten up the faces of senior citizens.

The students attended two senior citizen living homes, one of them being Friendship Village.

When the students arrived they had a chance to interact with the residents of the living home and sit among them in the crowd.

“It was really fun to be able to get to see the residents having a good time while they watched us sing.” Kevin Darnold (11) said.  “I know it wasn’t much, but they seemed to really enjoy our performances.

The performances were put together by the students.  They consisted of solos and ensembles who performed at this years solo and ensemble state music festival. Two pianist solos were also put together for the residents.

“All the performances went really well I thought,” Abby Williams said (12).  “I enjoyed singing in front of them and watching them have fun.”

The choral program hopes to continue on with the service learning next year and reaching out to more communities.