Angelique Bardley Inspiration Award presented to her family

Angelique Bardley Inspiration Award presented to her family

Jeff Kuchno, journalism advisor, presents the award to about 20 members of the Bardley family, including Angelique’s mom and grandma.

The first Angelique Bardley Inspiration award was presented to the Bardley family at the journalism banquet on Friday, May 17.

Bardley was a member of the broadcast and yearbook staff during her senior year until she lost her battle against liver cancer. The intent is to present the award to a journalism student that shows a great deal of dedication and preservation, just like she did.

“Angelique truly was the most inspiring student I’ve ever taught. She was dealing with a terrible illness and never once did I hear her complain.  She always brought a smile and a positive attitude to class,” Jeff Kuchno, journalism teacher, said.

In her honor, this award will be presented to a member of journalism at the banquet every year. Outside of the journalism room, Room 234, will be a plaque that says the winner each year. The first name up there will be Angelique Bardley.