Oakville races into a new school year

Oakville races into a new school year

Mrs. Kellerman welcomes students back to school

The Oakville Staff raced into the 2013-14 school year in a hardcore way. Oakville hosted its very first “Celebration Day” on the first day of school. The day consisted of a huge assembly where principal, Mrs. Jan Kellerman, entered the gym on a motorcycle driven by the new assistant principal, Mr. Ross Bullington.

The assembly included performances from the Golden Girls and the varsity cheerleading squads. Grades freshman through seniors competed against each other in little events like free throw contests and a scavenger hunt. “(the assembly) showed the freshman a taste of Oakville,” Katie Freshman (10) said.

The classes for the day were shortened to about 15 minutes and involved team building and get-to-know-you activities for the students. “I like the shorter classes, it lets us get to know our teachers without  being bored or overwhelmed,” Barrett Litzsinger (12) said.

This new way of kicking off the year was also to show new transfer students from Riverview Gardens what kind of environment Oakville is. “It was a good introduction to Our House, it gets people pumped for the year,” Amanda Olson (12) said.