Juniors do not mask their fun


Courtney Fredrick & Courtney Heitkamp

The Class of 2015 gathered on Thursday, Feb. 13, at Royal Orleans for Oakville’s annual Junior Ring dance.

Superlatives, dancing, a photo booth, and delicious appetizers with everyone’s closest friends made for a successful and all around awesome night full of laughs, talks, and singing.

“It was my favorite dance of high school because it was just our class,” Kollin Knapp said.

This year, the photobooth especially stood out for the students. The witty photographer got every student there laughing saying things like “bite his neck” and telling everyone what poses to make for the camera.

“I liked the dance mainly because of the photo booth,” Thomas Hutcheson said.

The junior exec announced the superlatives throughout the dance. Most likely to be famous, friendliest, cutest couple, most athletic, best dressed, class clown, most school spirit, best hair, most dramatic, class flirt, best smile, and so on left everyone curious as to who would win. People were cheering on their classmates as they walked on to get their awards.

The music was spectacular. The dance floor was full of students dancing all night. The variety was great with two slow songs to even out the evening.

Overall, Junior Ring was a success and a night that the Class of 2015 will never forget.

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