Dulle sweeps Mr. OHS

Cannons booming, synchronized swimming, and a cheering crowd were all a part of the annual Mr. OHS pageant.

Tributes lined up in their districts for a night of laughs, surprises, and cheering, as they competed in the Mr. OHS Hunger Games. The acts were great, the formal wear was fancy, and the questions were specific. The decorations were red, yellow, orange, and black, which represented the colors of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. There were three judges as well. OHS English teacher, Ms. Christine Matthews, OHS math teacher, Mrs. Lynn Schmalz,and last year’s Mr. OHS, Mikey Bellinger. Tina Haberberger (12) and Dalvin Parker (12) , who are both a part of OHS’s Journalism class, were the hosts of Mr. OHS. They announced the judges’ decisions as well as announced the tributes.

The event started with clubwear, where each guy represented the organization or sport that they were nominated for.

The talent portion had a wide variety of acts including: a High School Musical lip-sync dance, three stand-up comedians, dancing, and a rap bashing on the other tributes along with many other great talents. The night was full of laughter, and even two prom proposals.

The formal wear introduced the tributes, what they liked, and what their future goals were. This round was presented by Savvi Formalwear, which kindly donated ten tuxedos to Mr. OHS.

The next round, they would eliminate half of the tributes, leaving only thirteen left on the stage for the second round. This round consisted of questions and comments by the tributes. Some questions were detailed and provided some insight, and others were short and funny. As that round came to a close and the judges voted, thirteen tributes went down to five for the third and final round.

The last round was a question round as well, but the questions were harder. In the end, it all came down to one person as the judges voted for the final contestant.

All of the tributes lined up on the stage, waiting to hear who had won Mr. Popularity. Cameron Dulle, who was in the final five, won Mr. Popularity by a landslide, being up by sixty votes. The final five tributes then stepped forward, waiting to hear who had won. When the runner-ups were called, it was all down to Nick Makowski and Cameron Dulle. A drum roll was called, and the winner of the 2014 Mr. OHS and Mr. Popularity came out to Cameron Dulle.

“No, I didn’t think I was going to win,” Dulle said with a smile. He noted that his favorite part of Mr. OHS was being out there with all of the guys and having fun.

Dulle won two crowns, a task which has never been accomplished in Mr. OHS history. The odds were definitely in Dulle’s favor.

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