Students help younger students around the area


Alexa Shelton

John Pybas helps a young student at Bierbaum Elementary in Mrs. Buckley’s class.

Students did not just do physical labor around the community for the second annual Service Learning days at OHS, some students went to area elementary schools in the district to help out in various ways.

Students helped in teachers classrooms and also helped out with some schools field days.

“It is like a party in here,” said Brandon Moore (11), who was helping out in a kindergarten class at Bierbaum Elementary. “They [the kids] are just so energetic, they make it great.”

A group of boys were helping in Mrs. Judy Buckley’s class with a counting game and even went to help out during their art class hour.

“They motivated my students and got them engaged in the activities,” Mrs. Buckley said. “They gave the kids a one on one that I cannot give them on a normal day.”

At Blades Elementary a group of students went to participate in field day activities as well as at Oakville Elementary.