OHS Tops The Charts in Newsweek Ranking

Newsweek recently released a list of the top high schools in the country. OHS ranked 88th on the list, the highest of all of the schools in Missouri.

The basis for the placement of schools on this list is how well the school prepares students for college and whether or not that school overcomes socioeconomic inequality. OHS earned its spot on the list by scoring high in all the categories Newsweek focuses on: Enrollment rate, graduation rate, weighted AP composite, weighted SAT composite, holding power, and counselor-to-student ratio.

Jan Kellerman, OHS head principle, is happy with the ranking. “We have good things happening in this area, and this ranking proves that,” Kellerman said.

Many people, including students and teachers, were surprised to find OHS so high on this list.

Mr. Steven King, an OHS counselor, thinks that since the area is mostly Catholic, many people believe paying more money for their kids education in private school gets them a better education; this is untrue.

“This school is the best kept secret in this area,” King said. OHS gives students many opportunities that other schools cannot provide. King and Kellerman believe it is up to students to take these opportunities.

The majority of the ranking has to do with the students. AP and dual credit classes are offered and teachers and counselors and always ready to help. The resources have been provided, so it is up to students to take action and use them.

Julie Gilmore (12) was pleased with the ranking, even knowing that it can get better.

“[The ranking] shows that we are a good school,”  Gilmore said.

To see the ranking, click the link below.