“Under The Big Top” Shows Off In Parade

On Friday, Oct. 3, the annual homecoming parade took place. The theme of the parade as well as the dance was Under the Big Top. There were 17 sports, clubs, and groups that made floats for the big event.

The groups included all three levels of cheer, freshman football, soccer, cross country, STUCO, girls tennis, golden girls, field hockey, girls golf, hockey, girls volleyball, swim team, TREND, alumni, and OHS teachers. The homecoming court will be starting off the parade in a line of sports cars.

Joseph Green (12), a nominee for homecoming king, is excited to be at the head of the parade.

“It’s all new and exciting. I’m just trying to enjoy everything while it’s here,” Green said.

Every year, three teachers judge all the floats and pick three groups to win many different titles. This year the categories were; most spirited, most creative, best theme, and best overall.

Groups spend anywhere from weeks to days working on their floats to try and win. Some clubs make up cheers and play music from their floats. All to entertain the crowd, show school spirit, and win.

The winners of this years parade were:

Most spirited- Field Hockey

Most Creative- Girls Tennis

Best Theme- JV Cheer

Best Overall- Golden Girls