Put A Shoe In It

Mehlville High School’s National Honor Society(NHS) has done the shoebox project for many years. This project collects toys and Christmas gifts for elementary school children and packages them into shoeboxes so children in poverty can have Christmas gifts. IN 2005, when Ms. Abby Gibbar, teacher at OHS, became the sponsor of NHS, she decided to get OHS involved.

Although MHS heads the project, OHS contributes a lot. Nov. 25, NHS is going to Mehlville to help package shoeboxes. Not only will this even help impoverished kids, but it helps the members of NHS.

“Members need to attend at least three events a semester to remain in NHS.” Donald Rabin (12), a member of the club said, “Putting together the shoebox gives members an opportunity to get their events in.”

Another way OHS participates in the shoebox project  is through Ms. Gibbar’s art classes. She creates an assignment for points in which her students must bring in toys for elementary students and make cards to go with the boxes.

They then assemble the shoeboxes, wrap them, and bring them to Mehlville so they can be added to NHS’s donations. This year the shoeboxes will be taken by Mehlville’s NHS to an elementary schools in an impoverished district.