Teachers receive mini-grants for school projects

To benefit teachers in the district, the Mehlville-Oakville Foundation (MOF) hands out grants to the faculty that have good ideas or need it for academic purposes. This year, three OHS projects received mini-grants from the board.

Ms. Jean Pfeifer received a mini-grant for supplies to help paint murals in the science hallway. Before she got the grant, Pfeifer did not have the right supplies and was supporting the program solely on donations. With the grant, she hopes more students will come and help paint the mural since the supplies will be significantly better.

“When the grant was announced, I thought it was just for classroom projects, but then I realized it was to improve [the school’s] atmosphere,” Pfeifer said. “I think the murals [improve the atmosphere] in the science hallway.”

Dr. Christine Mehigh was awarded a mini-grant for a human tissue study. In the Physiology and Human Anatomy classes, the students do a study on tissues. Before the grant was awarded, they did not have enough specimens for students to observe. With the grant, the classes were awarded nervous tissues and muscle tissues.

“It’s advertised to teachers through email,” Mehigh said.

Mrs. Ronda Brown, Mr. Steve Buss, Ms. Samantha Bhambri, Mr. Aaron Bosch, Mrs. Lauren Cole, and Mrs. Sara Mayer were awarded a grant for measuring heights with trigonometry. It is a program for the geometry and trigonometry classes and were donated with supplies for the project.

The faculty were chosen on Nov. 24 along with all of the other teachers who were chosen in the district. They were chosen through the MOF to fund educational initiatives throughout the elementary, middle, and high schools in the district.