Senior Trivia Night doesn’t question success

On Monday, March 23, the members of the senior class and a few teachers participated in a Trivia Night hosted by Mr. Matt Willett, the assistant principal.

The students met in Gym A and played from 6-8:30. They played six rounds; four years at OHS, Disney, Sports, Song Lyrics, Around Oakville, and What You Should Have Learned While at OHS. During the rounds, students ate food that they had brought and enjoyed drinks provided by Willett.

“It was a great success,” Willett said. “Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.”

Raffles tickets were sold to the 120 students and staff during the event. Jason Boyd (12) was announced as the winner at the end of the night. His prize was a free prom ticket.

Boyd was not the only winner, as a team of seniors (Kelsey Mika, Amanda Luebke, Heather Gregory, and Abby Marks.) and business teachers (Cindy Evans, Amy Clark, Katie, Kasper, Kori Vagner, and Mary Menderski) won the trivia night with the most points. All of the seniors got a free senior breakfast ticket.

“The night was a great time,” Maura Maltagliati (12) said. “I hope I get one of the breakfast tickets from the business teachers.”

Willett hopes to do more fun event with his seniors as the year nears its end. He also plans to continue doing Trivia Nights with his sophomores next year.

“I want to do at least once a semester along with other fun activities and get togethers all the way until they graduate,” Willett said. “Then I’ll start over with the next group.”