OHS has new roster of coaches

New coaches hired for eight fall sports teams

Due to retirement and coaches getting new jobs in different districts, eight fall sports teams lost their head coaches.

New head coaches for the season are Nate Master, freshman boys football; Emily Baker, varsity girls golf; Jessica Betz, varsity girls volleyball; Daniel Richter, JV girls volleyball; Becky Bruning, varsity cheerleading; Brittany Jarvis, JV Golden Girls; Drew Moore, varsity girls cross country; and Jeff Kuchno, JV softball.

“When new coaches take over a program, it’s a great opportunity for new ideas,” activities director Becky Czuppon said. “It’s a breath of fresh air.”

According to Czuppon, gaining a head coaching position creates a challenge for the new coach because they have more responsibility and have to adjust to their new leadership over other coaches, captains, and athletes.

The coaching changes have impacted all levels with four new varsity coaches, three new JV coaches, and one new freshman coach.

“At the varsity level, all have made a positive impact,” Czuppon said. “The lower levels always have a higher turnover rate due to coaches changing districts and gaining higher coaching positions at other schools. Typically for the kids, younger coaches bring lots of excitement and anxiousness on a regular basis.”

Overall the new coaches have made a positive impact on their new teams over the first few weeks.

“It is not negative turnover because the coaches who left, left for good reasons. The turnover has been positive,” Czuppon said.