Student Council hosts SOMO basketball tournament

Photos by Tara Vogler.

Student Council once again hosted their annual SOMO event, and many athletes and students got the chance to not only play basketball but create new friendships.

The day of Friday, Feb. 19, started out with OHS students and staff cheering on the athletes as they entered the building. A couple of students talked in front of everyone and they talked about themselves and an oath and then presented an award to our principal, Ms. Jan Kellerman. Four OHS students then ran around the gym floor and passed around a fake torch, and then the last student lit the big torch to kick off the games.

“It is a lot of fun to see the kids come out here and play basketball and watch them have fun and see smiles on their faces,” said Destanie Garrett (11).

Student Council set up a basketball tournament in both Gym A and Gym B. In Gym A, basketball games were set up for the older athletes, and in Gym B four different modified basketball games were set up. In the commons, there were also different games set up that the athletes could play. Some of the games set up were bean bag toss, cake walk, dance party and ring toss. After the athletes played the game they got a prize for playing the game.

“I think it is extremely well organized and thought out. The kids are obviously having tons of fun. I like how it is modified if need be and the athletes can have a chance to have a break in the commons,” said Self- Contained teacher Mrs. Phuong Bang from Ridge Meadows, who teaches special needs children of various ages.

The students got to eat lunch with the athletes and got the chance to create new friendships.

“The program is pretty good. The students are friendly and I like it all. Seeing the boys and girls doing something physical is great because most of them do not get the chance to and they also get social skills out of it,” said John, grandparent of an athlete.