Field hockey scores a victory against Westminster

Field hockey secures a win after grueling triple overtime

On Wed. Oct. 21 the varsity field hockey team scored a victory against Westminster after a grueling triple overtime.

The game went into two 10 minute periods of overtime, during which seven players were sent out from each team as opposed to the normal 11 players on the field. Since neither team scored in these 20 minutes, they were forced into a shootout, where five girls from each team got the opportunity to score a goal in 10 seconds.

β€œIt was a lot of fun and very nerve racking because we went into overtime. It was a good way to set the season off,” Lydia Flieg (11) said.

Due to an injury sustained by goalie Ally Schuermeyer (11) in their previous game. Adrianna Quesenberry (10) had to step up and play varsity goalie while Schuermeyer is out with a concussion.

β€œI like playing for varsity because it is more intense. I had a lot of pressure on me since I normally do not play for the varsity level,” Quesenberry said.

The long battle ended with an OHS win of 3-2. Overall the team was very happy with their overall performance in their game in the state tournament.