Varsity baseball beats Seckman in defensive game


Tyler Chambliss (12) gets ready to bat.

The OHS varsity baseball team managed to clinch the win in their game against Seckman on Friday despite bad weather and few scoring opportunities.

The boys fought through the rain and wind on April 8, and even though the weather did not stop until the end, they played a successfully defensive game.

“Our defense was solid. And Bailey pitched outstanding,” said catcher Tony Rask (11).

Pitcher Bailey Vuylsteke (12) threw a shutout game for a victory of 1-0.

“Bailey was outstanding. Complete game shutout. Great team effort. You don’t see many 1-0 games in varsity,” Coach Mr. Rich Sturm said.

The boys worked as a team to earn a run when Matt Miller (12) hit a groundball to second base, pushing Ryan Merritt (12) to home plate and OHS into the lead.

“We got the one run we needed. We played great,” said player Tyler Chambliss (12).