Four seniors recognized by National Merit Scholarship program

Four OHS students got nominated as semi-finalists for the National Merit Scholarship program. The National Merit Scholarship program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships.

The four students that are semi-finalists for the scholarship are seniors Iain Bennett, Caroline Tank, Abby Menkhus, and Madelyn Reinagel.

“I am really excited because I had heard about the National Merit Scholarship Program when I was younger, and I think it is an honor to be nominated,” Caroline Tank said.

Two students, Abby Menkhus and Madelyn Reinagel had some troubles with their PSAT score and therefore with their scholarship nominations. Their PSAT scores got disqualified because their test administrator accidentally gave them too much time for one section. They had to take the SAT and send those scores into the National Merit.

“It wasn’t a huge amount of time, so it didn’t affect our scores, but National Merit wouldn’t accept it for semi- finalist consideration,” Abby Menkhus said.